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Monday, November 30, 2009

Spotlight on: Cynthia Emerlye Emerlye Arts

Have you ever wanted to give someone a really special card but didn’t want it to be just any mass-produced card? Have you ever wanted to give someone a special piece of art but just couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money? Have I got something to show you!

Cynthia Emerlye creates finely detailed floral and nature inspired paintings in vibrant colors and in black and white from which she makes lovely keepsake worthy cards.

(You just know the quotation cards are my favorites!)

Her “visionary” cards feature hauntingly beautiful images with mythical and spiritual themes.

Universe Girl

                                                                              Bald Angel

Cynthia says, “What your readers should know about me? I'm a Vermont artist, retired from my 20 year job of raising 6 kids and now back nearly full time to my other love: art and fine craft."

“I love detailed, intricate, feminine work and find inspiration in nature as well as Renaissance paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and Arts & Crafts-era painters such as William Morris.”

I love the bookmark collection. At 8 bookmarks for $12 they are without a doubt quite reasonable.

Not only does Cynthia paint, but she also creates finely detailed kirigami papercut hanging ornaments and dimensional cards.

Although she has been painting “forever” she has only been producing her own card line for about three years and selling online for 2 years. She has been selling kirigami papercuts for about five years though making them for 20.

Her work is available as cards, gift tags, hanging ornaments, bookmarks, prints and if you are really lucky, originals.  Go to her website and you will discover that she has even transformed her wonderful designs into wearable art!  Her beautiful floral patterns adorn one-of a kind fashions that she sews herself!

Cynthia also has a series of designs based on the hemp plant.  Aside from her  hemp - cannabis series of cards, her designs adorn hemp clothing made by a small Vermont based company , Benevolence Bound.  According to Cynthia's website, "Benevolence Bound wants to see industrial hemp developed in the US, one of the only countries in the world which does not recognize this plant as different from marijuana. The hemp plant is a promising and valuable alternative to wood pulp and many other resources and could greatly help in the effort to reduce global warming."

Find Emerlye Arts at:
Quote of the Day:
Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
 and paints his own nature into his pictures.
 ~Henry Ward Beecher

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