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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why, why, why?

    Okay, so you want to know who I am. And maybe even why I am writing this blog. I am a woman who is totally driven to create. I make handmade leather and fabric purses. I am a wood turner. I am an amateur oil painter. I have dabbled in ceramics. I’m writing a screenplay. I have several children’s books in the works. I love to cook and bake. Everything I look at causes my mind to wonder “what can I make out of that?” I am also a wife and mother of a wonderful little boy. My life is full.

    It has occurred to me as I struggle to market my products, that there are many other creators out there who are making wonderful handmade products yet are struggling, like me, to get noticed. Yes, there are many wonderful websites and blogs touting handmade items these days. However, there are many more artists that haven’t been given their share of the spotlight.

    My purpose is to showcase some of the talent I find. I also will write about what’s on my mind. Yes I will talk about my purses, too. Self- serving? Maybe, at times that will be the result, but that is not the motive. I do need to sell my products to survive. However, I truly believe that handmade products are wonderful and want to do my part to bring as many “finds” and their creators to the attention of as many people as I can. Hopefully this will help both the artists and the people who are looking for wonderful and original products and gifts.

    I’m looking forward to receiving comments from readers. Let me know what you think. This is just a beginning and this blog will evolve over time. Stick with me!
    Oh, and by the way, I love quotes - particularly motivational quotes.  So I plan to add a quote of the day at the end of each post.  Hope you enjoy!

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