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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spotlight on Scott Plumb of Sticks and Pics

Woodturner and Photographer

I found Scott Plumb while perusing I always take a few minutes out to check out the woodworkers, particularly the turners. Scott has some really great woodturnings.
 Take a look at this Southwest style elm bowl

- beautiful – and a steal at $40.00

Or this Dark Walnut Turned Vessel

Couldn’t you picture either of them on your mantle or showcased on a shelf?

Scott says that his father was his number one influence. “He was a mechanical engineer that approached woodworking (and photography) with the same engineer eye for design and detail as his work…My second inspiration has been a friend of my Mom and Dad that lives in Buena Vista, CO. His name is Bob Gray.”  (See  )

I asked Scott about his passion for woodturning and he said, “I just really like the idea that I can pick up a piece of a tree and turn it into something beautiful. I really enjoy the creative process (and lack of detailed planning, my Dad would be appalled) involved and am always surprised how the pieces turn out.”

Scott says that the piece he likes the most in his shop right now is “the walnut vase (large, tall, free form). A friend cut down the tree in a woman’s front yard because it "was too close to the fence". I loaded up an entire dump truck of the 30" logs and will have a lot of walnut pieces coming up in the future. It is a really beautiful chocolate brown with fantastic grain patterns and is easy to turn.” He plans on adding additional items to his sop such as “smaller bowls, salt and pepper shakers, more potpourri containers, some all wood, turned clocks (I really like to make these) and try some more bowls and free form containers with turquoise and other inlays in an effort to boost my creative juices, others interest and sales.”
    As beautiful as his woodturnings are, wait till you see his photography! Stunning! I had a really hard time picking a few to show you. I suggest you look at the rest in his etsy shop.  The 8 x 10 Fine Art Prints are only $15.00.  Decorate your walls or give as gifts.

It’s work like this that made me want to start this blog. People need to see this!

Thank you Scott, looking at your work makes me feel good.

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Scott Plumb said...

Susan, Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments in your comments highlighting my work. It means a lot to me to find other people who care for my work as well as the promotion of independant artisans like myself. It is a very unselfish idea for you to spend your time and considerable talent helping other people promote their work. You are a truly gifted writer and a really talented artisan. Thanks! Scott