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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weather or Not

It’s tough being a starving artist! So my main local venue for selling my work is an outdoor artists market in Asheville, NC. Biggest problem? Weather. It’s hard when you need to make some money and your game is called on account of rain. I have been sewing like a madwoman and my inventory is abundant. I’ve been trying to gear up for the fast approaching holidays. But today the skies are not cooperating. So I’m home and so are all my purses. I have to say it is definitely warmer here. It’s only in the 40’s outside today. I hate the cold. Last year I ended up with pneumonia and missed most of the Christmas selling season. That’s what happens when you stand outside all day “hawking your wares.”

My son is happy I’m home. He just discovered my plan to make chocolate chip cookies today. “I love you!” he announced as he threw his arms around my neck. “I say that because I really do, not because of the cookies”, he adds. He does admit that the cookies definitely help, though. He’s six. Cookies are way important. (Here’s my chocolate chip cookie secret: I use the standard toll-house recipe but add ¼ tsp of allspice. I love allspice. I also make a double batch, bake about 2 trays and shape the rest of the dough into logs about 12 inches long, wrap in saran and freeze for another day.)

Quote of the Day:

"If a man has talent and cannot use it,
 he has failed.
If he has talent and uses only half of it,
 he has half failed.
If he has a talent and learns somehow
to use the whole of it,
 he has gloriously succeeded,
and won a satisfaction and a triumph
 few men ever know."

                                                                 - Thomas Wolfe

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